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Never Forget 2016 when Conservatives Brought Us PizzaGate

In 2016 conservatives needed more energy around their election for President and the story of PizzaGate was formed.

- A Brief Description -

For those who don't know, PizzaGate was the notion that Democrats are working with Satanic aliens to drink the blood of terrified babies in the basements of pizza shops so that they gain magical powers that counter the powers Evangelical Christians gain from God.

After PizzaGate the story evolved a little, Conservatives informed us that the aliens were actually Gay Aliens, thus Gayliens were invented.
Image of Gaylien Soldier
Image of Gaylien Field Soldier.
Field Soldiers tend to be manipulative and often shape shift into actual fruits as a mockery to the Christians they hide from, trust no fruits...
image of gaylien foot soldier
Image of a Gaylien Foot Soldier.
These demons are particularly powerful because they have sexual relations in private and display compassion to one another during it, this causes untold pain and suffering to Christians.
- What We Know -

The facts are always evolving around this subject as this reality is only defined by the creative adjustments of Evangelicals in America.

The Gayliens are from outer space, far away, they are a physical manifestation of actual demons from the planet Gayliania.

Jan 6th was done by the Gayliens to make Christians look evil.

100% of alien 'butt stuff' abductions were ACTUALLY the Gayliens.

The Christian Aliens are working hard to stop them, but they need the help of humans.
- The Bigger Threat -

What most Americans seem to ignore is the very real threat these evil demons pose to all of existence.

In 2020 however, Donald Trump did not. He already had been trying to protect America when Satan released COVID from the very heart of his lands, the nation of Asia. He did this to try and wipe out Christians because he hates their freedoms.

Through Donald Trumps divine knowledge as the Son of Man (member of the Trinity of God), Lord Trump manifested a body double using his Christian super powers and left the double to be on Earth. This gave Lord Trump the opportunity to go to the Moon Space Station and fight alongside the Christian Alien Battle Commanders in the interstellar fight alongside the Christian Aliens.

This angered Satan SO much that he sent thousands of Gaylien Field Soldiers to shape shift into Conservatives and carry out the acts on Jan 6th to make Christians look bad.

image of gaylien general
Image of Gaylien Commander
Gaylien Commanders are the highest rank Gaylien, they answer directly to Satan and work to carry out the goals of Satan directly.
image of gaylien citizen
Image of Gaylien Citizen
A Gaylien Citizen, said to be the most 'kind' variant of demon.
- The Gaylien Agenda -

The goal of the Gayliens is widely known.

It is a battle for America, because God knows just how important the nation is to the existence of the entire universe, but so does Satan.

This is why Satan made the Gayliens in the first place, an army to take over and corrupt America. They will accomplish this using galaxy wide proven tools of Satan including (but not limited to): democracy, empathy, compassion and coexistence.
Christian Alien
Image of Christian Alien, praying for peace before laying waste to Gayliens like a boss